Beyond Imagination

It’s time to push the limits of your imagination and discover the infinity of the Universe. We welcome you to take part in a cosmic journey through the fascinating worlds with a multi-art live spectacle. This heartfelt story combined with a visual feast will be a night to remember. "ANDY" will leave an imprint on your hearts and sensations.

CREATIVE TEAM cosmostheatre

The artistic team consists of more than 50 professional artists all best in their field.


The Show is directed by Igor Rudnik, a long time director known for directing many performances live and TV as well as concerts and music videos. He started his career as a dancer at a young age, became a choreographer later on and started working with celebrities while getting his bachelor’s degree in Directing. As the main director and creator of the show he has a lot on his shoulders and a very talented group of people who rely on him.



Co-creator Alex Karpenko is Igor Rudnik’s right-hand man and a friend of 15 years, sharing the responsibility and making sure the process runs smoothly. He has been working globally in this industry for a long time mainly as a choreographer and a director among other titles taking part in many successful productions. He has a solid background in performing arts as well as directing.


All the costumes for the show have been designed by Alina German and her team, a famous designer known for her provocative nature and creative styles. She is well known for her work on TV shows, theater productions and music videos as well as for dressing celebrities.She has a star-studded portfolio and she is an internationally renowned artist for her works.



Nika Safonova is the 2nd director of the Show and “The Soul” of the team. She is responsible for managing the departments within the team as well as the dancers and personnel during the runtime of the show. She has a similar background with the creators, working on many productions both live and camera as a director. With her realistic nature, she is the one that keeps creative minds grounded.



Lighting Designer Toma is the person to go to if you need a fresh perspective. He possesses a unique view of how things work and makes sure he finds a way to meet the needs of the production. He is a real problem solver in his field and plays an indispensable part in this show. In the past he has worked on famous TV and Live productions in Russia and is the first choice of many producers.



The Composer of the show Ryan Otter an APKiT and Global Music Awards nominated Film and TV music Composer and Producer comes from an impressive movie background and has been hand-picked by the creators for this production. He has worked on various well-known successful movies and theatrical performances.



Technical Director Marat Baskakov is responsible for managing the equipment and decor as well as creating new decorations from scratch. He is a talented technical director who worked on famous circuses and many live performances. He has worked globally and on touring productions.



The show relies highly on visuality and Make-up Designer Tatyana Gorbunova has a big role in this production. She’s a fast handed perfectionist when it comes to make-up, she can easily work on 50 performers a day and make it look like she spent all day working on just one person. She is a top choice in her field and wanted by many big names in the industry.