Kilit Group of Companies, established in 1955, is proud to present a brand-new guest experience, reflecting its pioneering and forward-looking spirit in the entrepreneurship and service sector.


Cosmos Theatre is an innovative project, focused on immersion of gastronomy, art and entertainment culture with the promise of a brand new experience.


The venue has private VIP lounges, dining areas, bar seating, balcony level lounges with small tables, and exclusive lounges with dividing curtains.


Contemporary design of the building combines the simplicity and elegance. This architectural project lays special emphasis on the optimum stage viewing angles, comfortable seating areas, arrangements to create the unique ambiance of the venue, as well as floor and facade cladding elements based on acoustic engineering measurements to improve sound quality.


The giant outdoor led screens on the facade of the venue with special visual designs make you immerse in the Show at the first eye contact.


For special corporate event organization and corporate reservations please contact [email protected]. Payment terms and conditions will be determined separately.


Visit to follow the special events and activities program at Cosmos Theatre.